Design, Kunsthaus Style

Design, Kunsthaus Style

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Illustration pending

So my roommate Blue and I were walking to our local convenience store due to my craving for a hot pocket, and hers for cookies. (I use others' addictions to make myself feel better about myself). Crazy antics ensued.

Me: Hot pockets are terrible for me. I just can't break the addiction!
Blue: *sings* Hot Pockets
Me: I should draw an anthropomorphic hot pocket. Arms, legs, sharp pointy teeth, the whole deal.
Blue: It could be attacking you!
Me: Next on the Syfy channel. . .
Me: FROM SPACE! And there's no escape from them. In Soviet Russia, hot pocket eat you.
Blue: Their only weakness is pepto.
Me: It'd be like that movie Signs. . .only instead of water it's pepto, in a spray bottle.
Blue: There would be some little girl who collects pepto as an obsession.
Me: Because it's pink.
Blue: Yeah. Then she saves the world.
Me: From *sings* Doom Pockets

We have issues.
Case closed.

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